Ian Lanterman editorial for James Coward 
Mark Borthwick for Maison Martin Margiela.1999.
 Calico Mingling, Choreography by Lucinda Childs .1973. Broadway 1602
Jil Sander. s/s 2001.

Margrethe Mather - Hands (1925).
90s Calvin Klein.
 Ginkgo Leaf Brass Floor Lamp by Tommaso Barbi.
Interiors, Woody Allen (1978)
 Kim Basinger as Elizabeth McGraw in the film, Nine and a Half Weeks.

 marl wool cable
grey blue crew
ochre tneck
white slvless tneck

Lucie Rie ceramics.
Maija Isola - Finnish designer, Visual Artist.


Clyde hats and accessories
File:Loie Fuller.jpg
Loïe Fuller, 1862-1928, pioneer of modern dance & theatrical lighting

Daily collages by Tom Moglu
 Yayoi Kusama
Yayoi Kusama in her New York studio, c.1958–59 / Photograph: Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo / © Yayoi Kusama, Yayoi Kusama Studio Inc. via
Yayoi Kusama
Amber's new clothes. Nylon magazine. 2000.
Blixa's risotto.

Turned Out TV.

Georgia O'Keeffe  Ghost Ranch.
Louise Bourgeois fabric works here
Jil Sander 1990s.

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